The main aim of is to connect Beatles fans of Armenia.

Some of our main goals include developing and increasing the interest and involvement of our local bands in performing Beatles live as well as staying connected with international Beatles communities is a critically important aspect of our community. We are planning to participate in all official and some non-official events that are being organized around the big international Beatles family. aims to deliver gripping news related to The Beatles, their members and their post-Beatles activity. We will try to deliver as much content as possible in Armenian language. You will be informed about all international Beatles festivals, gatherings, competitions and concerts. It might be possible to organize several events to Europe in order to participate in some of the most famous festivals related to Beatles.

It is also planned to have meetings somewhere around once a month. Most of the meetings will take place in our Beatles pub on Pushkin street. The meetings will contain live concerts, discussions, watching movies etc. Let's stay connected.


Sgt Pepper 50th anniversary: Full Album Live in Beatles Pub
Փոլ Մաքքարթնին «Կարիբյան ծովի ծովահենները» ֆիլմում
Sgt. Pepper's ձայնասկավառակի նոր թողարկում
I'm in love
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