Beatles Pub is one of the oldest western pubs in Yerevan. Based in 2008 Beatles has always been famous for its quality music.

A band that never gets old. A pub that never gets cold. Always welcoming and cozy, the Beatles Pub is a place to spend your time in a warm & friendly atmosphere. Good music of the fab four as well as the best (soft) rock and blues of all times will make your day. But if you’re a peaky listener, you can also make use of the newly introduced Playeroid system that gives you a chance to choose the music you like while enjoying your beer or the barman’s special.

While locals have enjoyed visiting Yerevan taverns and bars for many decades now, the pub culture started to immerse in the 21st century only, with the appearance of a couple of pubs with the Beatles among the very few first that still rock Monday - Sunday.

The Beatles Pub is situated in the downtown Yerevan and is quite easy to find. Just follow the instructions here: Let’s say you’re somewhere in the center, say near Opera House, located in Azatutian Square. You need to go down Mashtots Avenue till you reach the intersection of Mashtots Avenue and Pushkin str. Turn right and go straight along Pushkin str, cross the little intersection with Parpetsi str (the only intersection on Pushkin on your way to the pub). You’ll see the Beatles Pub on your right.

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Sgt Pepper 50th anniversary: Full Album Live in Beatles Pub
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Sgt. Pepper's ձայնասկավառակի նոր թողարկում

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Beatles Pub

60 Pushkin St.